Sportsturf drainage machinery Available worldwide

Caravan Site Drainage

Our specialist drainage technology is ideal for use on caravan sites as it is designed to cause minimal ground disturbance, so your caravan or park home site can be back in use in as little as 24 hours after it has been drained.

We have engineered our CT100 Chain Trencher to be able to run between two rows of caravans by moving the side conveyor out the front.  An additional conveyor runs underneath the tractor which, in turn feeds into the re-positioned side conveyor which is mounted on the front of the tractor. The spoil is collected from the conveyor by a tractor and trailer running in front of the machine.

Click here to find our more about the work we carried out at Tomlinsons Leisure Park in Chapel St Leonards near Skegness.

The finished trench which has been backfilled with Sportag; a spherical aggregate which is deisgned to speed up the flow of water away from the surface and into the drainage pipes below. It also retains moisture during the drier summer months, which minimises the chance of grass dying over the trench lines, which can happen when using traditional aggregates.