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Ground Source Heat Pump Pipe Installation

Clean trench for Ground source Heat Pump Installation

Install pipework for a Ground Source Heat Pump quickly and with minimal disruption!

Trenchers provide a much quicker and cleaner alternative to using an excavator for pipework installation and also minimise the chances of settlement. Our CT150 Chain Trencher  was designed for farm drainage and is a tractor mounted machine with laser grading or GPS technology so you can accurately cut trenches of up to 300mm (12") wide and up to 1.5m (5ft) deep, so it is ideal for the installation of Ground Source Heat Pump pipework.

The benefits of using a CT150 Agri Chain Trencher over an excavator:

  • Up to 10 x  faster installation than using an excavator
  • Install between 500m and 1000m of trench per day
  • Variable trench spacing to aid heat recovery
  • More friable soil for back filling, reducing the cost by minimising the need for sand around the pipe
  • Less ground disturbance
  • Ability to install pipework at a gradient to reduce air locks
  • Installs trench and pipework in a one pass operation  
  • Less sand required to backfill over the top of the installed pipework

Why choose a trencher rather than an excavator?

Example comparison: Laying 300m of pipe

Ground Source Heat Pump installed with excavator

Excavator will disturb 150 cubic metres of soil
i.e. 1m wide and 1m deep

Ground Source Heat Pump installation

CT150 Trencher will disturb 43.5 cubic metres of soil
i.e. 145mm wide trench

" We would like to thank you for a job well done! Andy and the team were efficient, hard-working and polite, they left the site neat and tidy, and the amazing trenching machine was so much more effective for laying ground source collector pipes than an ordinary digger would have been." - John & Nicola Hollis​


Getting the Job Done:

The Shelton CT150 Agri Chain Trencher is available to hire or buy, or you can use our partnership scheme where you can hire both the machine and a skilled operator to carry out your trenching work. We can also install your pipework for you.

Please contact us for more information about any of our products or services.

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