Sportsturf drainage machinery Available worldwide


We get great feedback from our customers about how effective our machines have been at resolving their drainage problems.  Please see a small selection of these below:

Leon Dalton Burton on Trent Golf Course

"We managed to complete all of the drainage work in  5 days,  the installation all went very smoothly and you could see improvements from the first heavy fall of rain, which was about one month later - water just poured out of the drains, even on short runs you could see how well they were performing and it's been great to hear club members commenting on how well it's working, they can literally see the water leaving the ground as it is pours from the outfall pipe. I  would definitely recommend it, it's been well worth the money."

John & Nicola Hollis

"We would like to thank you for a job well done! Andy and the team were efficient, hardworking and polite, they left the site neat and tidy and the amazing trenching machine was so much more effective for laying ground source collector pipes than an ordinary digger would have been. Many thanks again, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services"


GW Ogden & Son

"Nice clean trench and constant depth, really pleased with the results. It would have taken a week with an excavator to do the work that the CT150 did in a morning. Great job, thank you"

Richard Ogden about the CT150 digging trenches for cable ducting

Hyland Turfcare, Ireland

“The Shelton 3 tonne gravel band drainer is the best machine I have.”

Michael Hyland - Managing Director, Hyland Turfcare


Ecosol Turfcare

On the purchase of a Shelton Supertrencher+ 625, a 3 tonne fast flow hopper and a sand placement hopper:

"I had already hired in some of Shelton's drainage equipment for previous works and had been impressed with the quality of their build and the equipment's functionality. This gave me confidence that they would be the company to approach when purchase became the next stage."

Bretton King - Managing Director, Ecosol Turfcare


Berwick Rangers Football Club

Hired Supertrencher 450 and 3 Tonne Fast-Flow Hopper:

"We have completed the works at Sheffield Park, it's an absolutely superb machine, we have been very impressed with the performance, it has made a great job."


Carolina Green Corp.

"Carolina Green Corp. has run the Shelton Supertrencher+ 625 in our sports field construction business many years over a wide range of soil types and field conditions. It has performed consistently in all applications and delivered high production with minimal maintenance. It is a quality built machine."

Chad Price - Agronomist, CSFM, Certified Field Builder


Cavendish Golf Club

After installing Lightening Drain on 2 greens

" The difference in the greens is like night and day, we will be doing a further 6 greens this Autumn"

Peter Smith - Head Greenkeeper


McNab Sports

Hired 3 Tonne Gravel Band Drainer to install secondary drainage near Carlisle.

"The jobs gone really well, it's a fantastic machine, the men say I need to buy one it's the way to go"

Duncan McNab


Farnham Golf Club

Greens chairman "The greens drainage has transformed the course."



Hugh Murray talking about 6 tonne Fast-Flow at Carrick GC

"We purchased the Shelton 6 tonne Fast-Flow Hopper, which speeded up our backfilling operations considerably"

"A period of wet weather delayed the work, resulting in the job being suspended whilst some important matches were completed; we were able to leave the site in good order to allow the golf to go ahead, which is a testament to the backfilling equipment."


Henley Golf Club

Re Lightning drain on greens

Talking about the drainage installed on 3 greens "We are over the moon"

Justin Robinson - Head Greenkeeper



Supertrencher+ 625 " We've just completed a job in Edinburgh that we wouldn't have been able to do with our old machine. We have completed work this year with the new machine that we wouldn't have even taken the old machine on site for because we know we couldn't have done it."


Turftech, New Zealand

The 6 tonne Fast-Flow Hopper is amazing, increased productivity 10 fold!

Aaron Hutton - Manager Eastern Division

I have just been out to watch the super trencher doing its thing. The Fendt now has the correct wheels and tyres and all looks a million dollars.

Rob Briscoe - Owner