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Trenching Contractors

Partnership Hire with trained operators

Through the Shelton Partnership Hire scheme it is possible to hire a trencher or any of our machinery and the expertise of our skilled operators for either sportsturf or agricultural trenching work. 

The Shelton Partnership Hire scheme provides the equipment and skilled labour, and you provide any additional equipment and labour required to complete the trenching task. This method of working can help you to reduce your costs significantly versus using direct trenching contractors, whilst maintaining the quality of work carried out.  Shelton is a member of the Land Drainage Contractors Association so you can be sure of the quality of our workmanship and the materials that we use.

Please note, if you employ Shelton Partnership Hire the club is making the decisions, formulating the trenching plans and directing the whole team of workers. The number of staff members you need to provide depends on the job but as a guide we usually advise that there needs to be a senior member of staff on duty supported by 2 or 3 skilled workers.

Please Contact us if you would like any more information or for partnership hire day rate prices.

If you do decide that using a trenching contractor is right for you, make sure they run Shelton drainage machinery.

Please note: Trenching contracting and trencher hire is only available in the UK