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Agricultural Drainage Machinery

Shelton CT150 Agri Chain Trencher

We launched our agricultural drainage trencher at Cereals 2015 as a result of many enquiries about farm drainage! We spent a number of years working on the design and development before building and testing our prototype machine in the early part of the 2015. We knew there was a gap in the market for an agricultural trencher that performed as well as a self propelled trencher, but at a more affordable cost. We listened to a lot of farmers during the design process and used our years of experience in the sportsturf market to create our first machine for the agricultural drainage market - the CT150 Agri Chain Trencher. Our Gravel Cart is also ideal for use alongside the CT150 trencher.

The CT150 cuts the trench and lays the pipe directly onto the trench bottom in a one pass operation. The ideal situation for installing drainage is in the drier months, however if the ground conditions are good enough to support the equipment we can trench directly into standing water to install drainage pipes. When conditions are so wet, this presents a good option for many farmers as the drainage starts to work immediately; exit outfalls start to flow and surface water drains away, reducing downtime before cultivation and drilling.

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