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Agricultural Drainage

Good management of field drainage systems can not only save money, but also protect the environment. Implementing an efficient field and farm drainage system will prevent damage to crops or grazing land as excess surface water is quickly drained away and is therefore beneficial to crop and soil management. Our CT150 Agricultural Chain trencher has been designed with a digging depth of 1.5m deep and so is specifically for use on agricultural land.

CT150 agricultural trencher

Benefits of good drainage include:

  • Reducing the water content of land increases soil strength, increasing opportunities for cultivation during spring and autumn months and increasing livestock grazing periods.
  • Increased soil temperature: Drainage reduces soil specific heat capacity and can therefore lead to increased soil temperature.
  • Efficiency of fertiliser use: Aerobic, warmer soil conditions will lead to a more efficient use of applied fertilisers, particularly N top dressings. Roots will absorb nutrients more readily and less will be lost by leaching or dentrification.
  • Yield advantages: Improved drainage can make the difference between crop success and failure in wet years. Yield advantages can range from 10-40% compared to un-drained soils.
  • Improved utilisation and composition of sward: In wetter regions, drainage is essential to help maximise utilisation of grass by livestock. The composition of the sward can be altered with grass of drained soil having less weed species, less bare ground and an increased response to N.

(Adapted from the Rivers Trusts Pinpoint Best Practice Information Sheet 20.0 -Field Drainage.)