Sportsturf drainage machinery Available worldwide

Golf course drainage solutions

Shelton’s range of drainage products and machinery are ideally suited to the drainage of golf courses.  Whether you need to install a primary piped drainage scheme on your fairway or improve the performance of a struggling primary scheme with overlaid secondary drainage then there is a Shelton product or technique to suit your needs.

For installation of a primary golf course drainage scheme please see our award winning Supertrencher+ series of trenchers or our chain trencher.

We have many methods and machines for installing secondary golf course drainage.  Please click here to see our range of gravel banders and our System 25™ mini trencher.

We also have a golf course drainage system, ideal for golf greens, called Lightning Drain™.  This drainage system involves digging 35mm wide trenches, with the spoil conveyed to a trailer running alongside the trencher.  A 25mm perforated land drainage pipe is installed prior to backfilling with Lytag® in a one pass operation. Contact us to find out more.

"The greens drainage has transformed the course"

Farnham Golf Club

If you have any questions about your golf course drainage needs please contact us.