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We’re Exhibiting at Plantworx 2017!

Trench for Ground Source Heat Pump installed with Shelton CT150

We have been putting our agricultural trencher to good use installing trenches for ground source heat pump pipework. We are happy to report an increase in hire business and its largely down to land and homeowners booking the machine to install their heat pumps. Shelton Director Mick Claxton said: "The CT150 Agri Chain Trencher can be used as an alternative to an excavator and has been popular with those wanting to install a ground source heat pump without the disruption which can be created when you get heavy plant machinery on site. The machine will install between 500m to 1000m of trenches per day making it up to 10  x  faster than using a traditional excavator. This trencher digs up to a maximum of 1.5m deep and can install a variable trench to aid heat recovery, it also leaves more friable soil for backfilling as well as creating less ground disturbance and has the ability to install pipework in a one pass operation and at a gradient to reduce air locks. We have been really encouraged by the interest, hence our decision to exhibit at Plantworx this year.  We are looking forward to meeting some new faces and showing the industry what we have to offer."

The CT150 is a tractor mounted chain trencher with the laser grading accuracy of a self propelled trencher. It requires a 150hp - 200hp tractor with vario transmission or a creep speed gearbox for  speeds down to 300m per hour and the machine has a maximum digging depth of up to 1.5m. A laser control system can be added for greater accuracy of grading and extra pipe layers for larger diameter pipes can also be fitted as optional extras if required.

We will be exhibiting the CT150 Agri Chain Trencher on stand H14 at Plantworx from 6th -8th June.