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We won!

Richard Clark and Mick Shelton with the award winning Supertrencher+760 at IOG Saltex

We’re celebrating this month after our best selling machine the Supertrencher+ 760 won the EDGE Award for Innovation for the Construction and Maintenance of Open Spaces at IOG SALTEX!  The Supertrencher+ 760 was designed and engineered by our team in Lincolnshire, and is a versatile wheel trencher, designed to install land drainage pipes & underground services on sportsfields and turfed areas and leave minimal surface damage so the facility can be back in play only 24 hours later. This machine has transformed golf courses, football, rugby and cricket pitches, sports stadiums, gardens and polo pitches that have had problems with drainage or standing water. We are thrilled to have received the award from EDGE and look forward to going through to the European finals!

Shelton Supertrencher+ 760

It turned out to be a winning night all round as our sister company, engineering firm E. Skinns of Woodhall Spa scooped the Lincolnshire Media Creativity Award, in recognition of its invention of a number of new products, including a log bagging product known as the Bag-Whizz and a whisky trailer with a 36 barrel capacity! Skinns specialise in machinery design, manufacture and repair as well as supplying nuts, bolts and wearing parts, motors, gearboxes, fittings and hoses.