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New Supertrencher+ 560 - Press Release

New Supertrencher+ 560 - Press Release

The popular Shelton Supertrencher 560 machine for sportsturf drainage has been radically redesigned for 2011. A number of the features embodied in the larger Supertrencher + machines now appear in the new 560.

The new Conveyor, transporting the risings into the trailer or dump truck running alongside, is hinged on a door-like frame.

This gives easy access to the massive soil exit port should this be necessary. The design also enables the conveyor to lay alongside the machine for transportation purposes thus reducing the likelihood of accidents that often happen when moving from site to site.

The attachment of the sixteen tungsten-carbide tipped cutters to the digging wheel has been simplified and the digging forces are now transferred to the digging wheel whereas formerly they were absorbed by the holding bolts.

The 15mm thick digging wheel is fitted with turbo bars as standard. This feature rapidly clears the enclosed hood of fine dust particles when digging in dry hard conditions.

The Shelton policy of using stainless steel widely in the construction of its trenchers continues. Stainless steel assists the flow of excavated soil through the machine and does not rust. Furthermore, when compared with the equivalent thickness of mild steel it is significantly stronger; saving weight as a result. Additionally it enhances the appearance of the new 560 machine which is painted in green and yellow.

Changing the cutters is made much easier by the speedy removal of a panel at the rear of the machine. This enables the operator to undertake this work in the standing position.