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NEW MACHINE LAUNCH: The Shelton 6 Tonne Universal Sand and Gravel Hopper

Shelton 6 Tonne Universal Sand and Gravel Hopper

“Back-fill drainage trenches with both gravel and sand at the flick of switch!”

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest machine: The 6 Tonne Universal Sand and Gravel Hopper has been designed to fulfil a combination of different tasks associated with backfilling and sand spreading on sportsturf after drainage has been carried out. Its unique design means that customers can choose from a number of different combinations: The Universal base unit is available as standalone unit or is available with the addition of any or all of the following options:

Gravel Cart (Side Discharge Unit)
Sand Spreader
6 Tonne Fast Flow (Centre Fill Unit)

The Universal differs from other hoppers in that it contains a moving floor in the main hopper in the form of a conveyor, which can feed a centre fill to place gravel or sand into the trench after drainage pipes have been installed. The hopper is longer and lower for easier loading and the conveyor can move material forwards or backwards depending on the job required; it will move forward for both the Side Discharge Unit (Gravel Cart) and Centre Fill Unit (6 Tonne Fast Flow), or in reverse to feed the Sand Spreader. The Universal comes complete with electro hydraulic controls including hydraulic motor speed control giving the option to speed up or slow down, depending on the material which is being used.  This can all be operated from the tractor cab and the addition of a hydraulic block, rather than valves means that one operation will not affect another, giving optimum control and performance. The ability to backfill either gravel or sand at the flick of a switch reduces manual handling of the hoppers and will improve efficiency of the operation. This also gives the added advantage that the backfilling operation is much quicker and can keep up with the trencher, reducing downtime.