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Introducing the Shelton CT150 Agricultural Chain Trencher

Shelton CT150 chain trencher

"A tractor mounted chain trencher with laser grading accuracy to rival a self propelled trencher"

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new machine -  our first in the Agricultural sector! The Shelton CT150 Agricultural Chain Trencher is a tractor mounted chain trencher with the laser grading accuracy of a self propelled trencher, but without the hefty price tag! This new machine is launching at Cereals 2015 where we are taking a stand  (204) in the Potatoes, Drainage and Irrigation area.

Over the past 30 plus years we have learnt a lot about drainage, as our trenchers have been put to the test all over the world at well known venues such as the London Olympic Park. This extensive knowledge of drainage has led us to develop the CT 150, a robust and affordable tractor mounted machine, our first trencher  designed for agricultural use.

 The trencher requires a 150hp - 200hp tractor with vario transmission or a creep speed gearbox for  speeds down to 0.3Km per hour and the machine has a maximum digging depth of 1.5 metres (5 foot). It can use laser grading to evenly install land drainage pipes on agricultural land to give longevity and efficiency to a drainage system. The machine is easy to operate so you can carry out drainage work, in house and at a time to suit you, during optimum trenching conditions for the best results. The trench depth is controlled hydraulically from the tractor cab and the pipe layer lifts out of the ground for easy setting in at the start of the trench. The pipe is fed onto the trench bottom automatically through the pipe layer which is fed from the pipe reel. The digging chain is driven from the tractor PTO. Twin augers on either side of the digging chain move the soil to the edge of the trench so that it can be bladed back in after the addition of aggregate if required. The augers can be winched out of the way when setting in at ditches to minimise any damage to banks.

Optional extras such as GPS, a laser control system for greater accuracy of grading and extra pipe layers for larger diameter pipes  can also be fitted if required.

So if standing water is a problem you would rather do without, take a visit to Cereals 2015, stand 204 and find out how Shelton can help you make waterlogged fields a thing of the past.