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Farmers Weekly - DIY drainage success in Northants

Farmers Weekly Article on DIY Drainage

We are more than chuffed to feature in an article on Discount Drainage in this weeks Farmers Weekly, thanks to one of our happy customers, Farmer Bob Chapman, who hired a Shelton CT150 Chain Trencher to sort out a series of waterlogged patches on his 450ha farm in Northamptonshire.

We met Mr Chapman at the Midlands Machinery Show last year at Newark, he hired a CT150 in April and laid 1,600m of pipe in two and a half days and has further pans to drain the rest of the problem areas on his farm by 2019. Mr Chapman's John Deere 7530 tractor was man enough to pull the trencher and dispense pipe on the move and he installed the pipes into fields that had been planted with spring wheat. Mr Chapman said: "We decided to go into the standing crop as soil conditions were ideal, we had a bit of slack time after drilling to do it and we thought the damage would be minimal". He continued: I'm not sure how fast we were going, but we set a steady pace that the trencher seemed happy with and it was surprising how quickly we covered the ground".

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